Prices for Wedding dresses

Wedding dresses of stock held in studio range from R6 000.00 to R20 000.00 to BUY

Wedding dresses of stock held in studio range from R1 000.00 to R11 000.00 to HIRE




Wedding dress that are CUSTOM MADE range from R7 000.00 to R25 000.00 to BUY

Wedding dresses that are CUSTOM MADE range from R6 000.00 to R20 000.00 to HIRE

Want your dream gown but have a small budget?


We have a discounted rail of last seasons stock and previously loved custom made wedding dresses that have only been worn once. These prices range from R1000.00 to R8 000.00.


Do you charge an appointment / fitting fee?


YES, appointment are charged at 1 hour intervals.

* A standard fee of R200.00 per hour is changed. During this time you can fit as many dresses as you like, please do note that if you go over 1.2 hours an extra R100.00 will be charged per every half and hour you stay.

* We also offer a premium fitting and for this full experience of sipping champagne and eating chocolate while you fit wedding dresses the price is R350.00 for an hour.


How do the fittings work?


Once you have booked your one on one appointment you will sit with Erin and discuss your dream gown and how you want to look on your big day. If you have a style in mind that you love please bring the picture with so that Erin has an idea of what you love. She will then help by giving advise on what style will work for your shape and then let you first fit each shape from EDL so that you can see what shape you love the most on your body.

Once you have decided on what shape you love the most Erin will put you in different pieces to build up your perfect gown. And then after this you will get to fit completed dresses.


What is EDL (Erin’s Design Lab)?


We are so excited to tell you about this but don’t want to give too much away, do you struggle to visualize what your perfect dress will look like if you are going to have it made, what if it looks amazing on paper but not your body, well not to worry with EDL you will get to see what the dress will look like on your body before it gets made, what is more reassuring than that.


Do I need to book an appointment? Or can I just pop in?


YES, as we want to give you a great experience all consultations are one on one and to avoid disappointment you need to book an appointment to view and try on dresses.


Do you rent dresses?


YES, all stock is available for hire, we also offer MAKE TO RENT in which we make your dream gown and you rent it from us. These dresses are CUSTOM MADE to your size and design and you then rent it from us.


Do you stock plus size dresses for fittings?


We have dresses ranging from UK8 to UK22, we don’t have every dress in every size but we try and offer a wide variety of sizes.


Do you offer an alterations service?


YES, all dresses that are MADE TO BUY OR RENT include any alterations work  that might be needed in the price.

For stock held in studio we can make the dresses smaller or bigger for an additional fee, we can only not shorten rented stock dresses.


Do you make bridesmaid dresses?


YES, we make bridesmaid dress to purchase only we do not rent them out. We do not hold stock of bridesmaid dresses but only make from scratch. Price start from R1200.00 per dress (excluding fabric).


How long before my wedding should I look for a dress?


Start looking at least 6 months before you wedding day, as most places work on a 4 month lead time.


How long does it take to make a wedding dress?


We work on a 4 month lead time to have to have your dress made, this includes all alteration work that might be needed. If you have less time than this chat to Erin and we will try and make a plan to accommodate you.


I want a quote, before I make an appointment can you supply me with one?


If you would like an obligation free quote please just contact Erin at with a photo of the dress you want made and within 36 hours you will receive one.


I’m interested in ordering a custom designed dress with you, what happens now?


If you are happy with your fitting and have found the perfect style for you and you want to move forward with ordering a dress the follows happens.  Erin will send you a design and storyboard for you to sign off for design, if your dress has lace she will send you photos to choose from.

You will then received a quote and if you accept it you will need to pay a 50% deposit upfront.

Once you have signed off your design and paid your deposit your dress order will be placed and imported.

Your first fitting will take place about 2 months after this. When you come for your first fitting, please bring shoes with so that Erin can measure the hem.

Please note that if you change the style of the dress a fee will be added, but all alteration work for size and length are already included in the dress price.

Your final fitting will be +/- 2 weeks before your wedding day.


I want my wedding dress made Locally by Erin how will this work?


If you want your dress locally made this is not a problem, let us know and we will quote according.

Having your dress made locally will carry an additional fee with the starting price at R15 000.00 and prices going up to R35 000.00

You will be a part of every aspect of the making of this dress, you will select the fabric with Erin and be involved with every step.

Having the dress locally made does come with more fitting and yummy champagne at each one.


Do you buy in Second hand dresses?


We don’t buy in second hand dresses but we do sell pre-loved dresses that were made by Erin Greyling. Check the pre-loved dresses page.